When the cat’s away, the mouse will…eat SPAM

Melissa and minimike, you guys were spot-on, well done! This week did include a couple of meals involving SPAM. For those readers who haven’t eaten SPAM before, the thing to do is fry it so it gets crispy and browned on the edges. You can eat it cold and straight out of the tin but that is just not SPAM at its best.

Jac left for Brisbane early on Sunday morning, and I didn’t even make it to the next day – I cracked open a tin of SPAM for my dinner that very evening. Heheheheh. The old favourite combo of sliced SPAM fried with egg, served with Heinz Baked Beans and rice.

SPAM, egg, baked beans and rice

On Wednesday night, I made fried rice using the half tin of SPAM I had left over from the weekend. Onions, garlic, SPAM, green beans, leftover rice, egg. A little soy sauce, a little pepper. Yum. I ate two bowls of this.

Fried rice with SPAM, egg and green beans

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