Juicy pork steaks

On Sunday afternoon, Jac cooked up a dish with two different kinds of tinned mushrooms – champignons, “golden mushrooms” (which looked like enoki mushrooms to me), and the last of the fresh mushrooms we had in the fridge. With spring onions, peas and oyster sauce, it was my kind of dish.

Mushrooms and peas

During the week, the last of this mushroom dish – with the addition of fresh green beans and sugar snap peas – appeared as part of our dinner.

Pork steaks, mushrooms and peas, roasted potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes

The green beans and sugar snap peas made the dish even better – in texture as well as taste.

Mushrooms and green vegetables

Jac also roasted cubed potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes in the oven. She seasoned the chopped root vegetables with salt and pepper and then placed them on a tray greased with extra virgin olive oil and baked them until they were tender.*

Oven-roasted carrot, potato and sweet potato

The pork steaks were also flavoured very simply – salt and pepper was all they needed, as the natural pork flavour was superb. Jac panfried them to perfection – they were tender, juicy and absolutely delicious, no sauce necessary.

Pork steaks close-up

*I’m pretty sure Jac parboiled the potatoes before putting them in the oven, to reduce the time needed in the oven.

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