Fancy sandwich bento

I wasn’t able to make it to a barbecue with Jac’s family recently, but Jac’s brother Brad (remember the Christmas BBQ meats whisperer? :)) and his fiancee Kelsie sent Jac home with a little alfoil package for me – inside, half a dozen chilli and garlic prawns. They smelled wonderful, and I ate one cold, straight out of the alfoil. It was plump, beautifully bursty and deliciously garlicky. I made sure I sucked every last bit of prawn meat out of the tail!

Chilli and garlic prawns

I decided I would use the rest of the prawns in a sandwich for our lunches the next day. We had bits and pieces in the fridge to use up – leftover beef chipolatas, sliced cold turkey breast, a couple of pieces of KFC, and salad Jac had brought home from the barbie. I went to bed planning our sandwiches in my head. I like to make the sandwiches in the morning before work, so they’ll be as fresh and unsoggy as possible, and sometimes I dream about them the night before.

Sandwiches for two

This was probably the fanciest and most interesting selection of sandwiches I’ve made for us. I like to pack us sandwiches for lunch every now and then because I know how much Jac enjoys them, but I’m really not that excited by sandwiches. This time, though, I was really looking forward to them, especially the prawn ones. As usual, I packed our sandwiches in our Tupperware sandwich keepers. You can buy these from Tupperware, but in different colours – these dark pink and dark blue ones are no longer available.

Across the top: hard boiled egg and aioli with lettuce and mashed avocado. Then starting from the left: turkey breast, Beerenberg green tomato pickle and cucumber; beef chipolatas with lettuce and chilli jam; KFC, Kewpie mayo and wholegrain mustard with lettuce; garlic and chilli prawns, lemon myrtle dressing and lettuce.

Sandwiches close-up

The chilli jam and lemon myrtle were Christmas gifts I’ve mentioned previously. We’ve been really enjoying them.

Here’s a close-up of the note I put in with Jac’s sandwiches, featuring Tubby (the cat) and Bluey (the bird).

The note I put in Jac's lunch

The prawn sandwich was my favourite. That lemon myrtle was fantastic with the prawns. The chipolatas and chillli jam were a great combination too. I think prawn sandwiches are a definite goer in future. Prawns add an element of decadence to an otherwise simple lunch, I think. They weren’t prawny-smelly either.

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