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Fish and chips

This week, there I heard a report on the radio on the best fish and chip shops in Perth. And then in Wednesday’s episode of 7th Heaven Lucy’s husband Kevin’s brother Ben (the fireman who used to date Mary) bought fish and chips for his date, a British doctor.* Not surprisingly, I developed a severe […]

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Eating Solo 7: Deepfried dinner, 25/10/2005

After seeing the pictures of fish and chips on a couple of my favourite blogs recently (see here and here), I began craving fish and chips myself. So on Tuesday I wandered down to our local fish and chip shop. I got myself a fisherman’s basket, which consists of two pieces of fish, a handful […]

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Review: The High Road Bistro (Part 2) – Main courses

I must say the first thing I thought about when I realised there would be seven of us dining was the food photo opportunities! I promised everyone that I would take the photos of their food very quickly, and so they were happy to cooperate. So let’s begin. K’s mum ordered one of the daily […]

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